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The benefits to hiring a husband and wife wedding photography team are plentiful, but the most obvious is that we've planned and enjoyed our own wedding – and now want to serve you at yours! We know all the ins and outs of planning a wedding, and we would love to be there for you every step of the way.

I am a BIG Tennessee fan (born and raised in Knox!) and thrive on reality tv like Survivor! I have applied to be on Survivor multiple times - fingers crossed a call comes back soon. I am a pretty avid runner and have run multiple half marathons. When I am not behind the camera I work in the school system as a speech therapist and as a summer league swim coach. My drink of choice is most definitely tequila and I am quite literally addicted to buffalo chicken ANYTHING. During a wedding day, I can be found taking amazing photos, lugging all of our equipment around and running to get the bride and groom their signature cocktails!

Chris goodman

lead photographer

I was born and raised in Michigan - yes, another Tennessee transplant from the good ole mitten state! My editing show is Friends - it is on a constant loop at our house. I do not leave my house without my planner and papermate pens - everything needs to be color coded!!! I am always trying to find the PERFECT Moscow Mule everywhere I go. My favorite hobby is going to concerts. I am obsessed with music and love a bumping dance floor at a reception! If you are into personality tests, I am an enneagram 2w3 which means I will be your biggest hype girl!!! There is a great chance I will cry happy tears at every wedding and an even greater chance I will be dancing at your reception while taking photos. I can't wait to meet you!

andrea goodman

lead photographer

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How two people

Fell in love

Our Story

Hey friends! It's only fair that we share our love story since we will most definitely ask to hear yours :) We first met at Western Kentucky University where we were both swimmers on the swim team. We started out as best friends and hung out non-stop. It was the classic "fell in love with your best friend" story and we officially started dating in 2014 at the start of Andrea's sophomore/Chris's junior year. That same school year, our swim team unfortunately got cut and Andrea decided to transfer to San Diego State to continue swimming/school while Chris stayed to finish school at WKU. We did two years of cross-country long distance (2,167.4 miles long distance to be exact)!! It was tough, don't get us wrong, but man did we learn a lot during that time. Even far far apart, we grew deeper in love as the years went on. It's cliche... but distance really does make the heart grow fonder! After Andrea graduated, she moved to Knoxville where Chris was in grad school at UT and we were finally reunited forever!

Chris proposed in August 2018 during a "photography lesson from our friend" and on October 4th, 2019 we got married at Holy Ghost Catholic Church and our reception was held at The Standard in Downtown Knoxville (best day ever)! We have been happily married ever since and have one sweet little rescue pup named Luna. Some of our favorite activities to do together include tailgating and cheering on the Volunteers, going out to our favorite Mexican restaurant to eat way too many chips dipped in queso, and watching some good ole guilty pleasure reality TV. We love to travel and recently just went on two big trips - Amsterdam and a full blown African safari (it was literally WILD)!!


husband + wife team

Why hire a


It's a double date every time we meet up with our clients! Chris being a guy really calms the groom and makes him feel more relaxed on the wedding day and the bride has a constant cheerleader in Andrea!

A mix of energies

With Andrea you'll get an energetic hype girl, and with Chris you'll experience a calming, steady hand. We think it's the perfect balance of energy on a wedding day!

A team that is fully in sync

We're a husband and wife team that is fully in sync and fully in love – and we believe in marriage with all our hearts!

Two Lead Photographers

You'll get two amazing photographers for both your engagement session and wedding day! We are always going to be the team that serves you.

11/10 would recommend andrea & chris!

sara & cody

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